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Brooke has nearly 10 years of experience singing and writing music professionally in studios all over the world.

She has spent the last 5 years running a successful business of recording her own vocals from her home studio. 

If you're interested in listening and/ or purchasing any pre-written acapellas by Brooke click the button below :


Writing songs is Brooke's main passion in life.

She spent 4 years living abroad in Stockholm (Sweden) to write music full-time for artists around the world.

She has since become a multi platinum accredited songwriter for several records.

Brooke is passionate to help her clients put the "icing on their cake"

(The icing = melodies and lyrics. The cake = your instrumental)

She enjoys collaborating with people to finish a hit!

Here you can listen to a bunch of releases Brooke has co-written!


She's able to self-record via Logic Pro X and deliver a high quality vocal package for clients all over the world.

Brooke intends to please all her clients by providing more vocals than not enough.

You will receive a .zip file with lead, dubs, harmonies, octaves and adlibs.

Here you can listen to a bunch of releases from past clients with vocals she has recorded herself!


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