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Brooke Toia is becoming one of Brisbane's most well known established writers and vocalists.

Now based back on her home soil of Brisbane, Australia, Brooke is a singer, songwriter and artist that has been paving her way in the global music industry for the past 8 years.

In 2018 Brooke took a chance and moved her entire life to Stockholm, Sweden, in pursuit of being a studio songwriter full-time for artists and groups around the world. During her first week of writing sessions in Stockholm she impressed local A&R Hayden Bell (Savage Garden, The Veronicas, Conrad Sewell) and was quickly signed to publishing house The Kennel (tied with Universal Music Group). She spent 4 years in Stockholm before moving back to Australia to continue making waves within the industry. She also left Sweden with a gold accreditation and their #1 on radio for 2018 with song 'What Happened To Us' performed by Chris Kläfford (Swedish Idol, America's Got Talent).

In 2019, after her first year home, she was able to write with several well known artists and producers in Australia as well as online during the pandemic. In 2020 she had the opportunity to write an entire album with UK legend Example and Brisbane producer James Angus (The Veronicas, Carmouflage Rose) as well as featuring as an artist on several of the tracks. Brooke also goes by her artist alias Penny Ivy. 'Never Let You Down' by Example, Kanine featuring Penny Ivy has had over 2,500,000 streams since being released in January 2022.

The Penny Ivy project first began near the end of 2021 with a debut song created for the end credits of sci-fi film 'Monsters Of Man'.  It has gone on to be a huge favourite for the fans of the movie. Penny Ivy has since released several more records and has plenty more up her sleeve for the year to come.

Brooke has nearly a decade of experience writing music now. She has written with and for a almost genres and styles.

See HERE a collection of released songs she has co-written.

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